• Materialistic

    Don’t let materialistic things determine your worth and what you deserve in life. Don’t let the outside world distract you from focusing on what...
  • Happiness

    Even in a crowded place, you can feel lonely and unhappy. The true core is within you. If you don’t feel happy being with yourself, finding happi...
  • Mother

    A mother’s happiness, a powerful source that lights up her children’s lives. The children’s happiness makes the source shine brighter.
  • Health

    We say that health is important but yet the world expects us to push our bodies even if the body can’t keep up. Our need of productivity see...
  • The mountain

    ‘Upgrade your environment’ Surround yourself with people who want to see you win as much as they want to win, not with those who only see the...
  • Violence

      ’Violence’ Isolation due to COVID-19 has consequences for women and children. The isolation has left many women facing increased risks of dom...
  • Missing

    ‘Missing’ I’m not at home. I let fear control me and worry define me. I don’t know where my motivation disappeared, but I know that I’ll find...
  • Look within

    ‘Look within’ Change your surroundings and you’ll still feel like a house without furniture or like you’re hugging a tornado. Maybe you h...
  • Forest

    We are burning.
  • Expressing love

    He is like everyone else.
  • My son

    My son is tough.
  • Nothing like me

    She is nothing like me, but she does not threaten me. ”You will open their hearts”, I whispered to her while holding her cage open.