Forgive me

Forgive me, I have to be tough on the outside and never show signs of weakness. 

Tough Boy

He is like everyone else.

My son is tough

My son is tough.


She is nothing like me, but she does not threaten me. ’’You will open their hearts’’, I whispered to her while holding her cage open. – MB


Do not let anyone stop what grows within you. It scares them to know that it can change and inspire the world. – MB

Hate 2.jpg

I am going against the hate they taught me. – MB 


Hate is learned.


The cage is open. I am no longer afraid to show the world who I am. – MB

Lion girl

Come out of the masses. Average will always be out there. Inside you, there is the power to change lives and futures, lion girl. – MB


Protect your energy. Learn to distance yourself from energy drainers. – MB