We say that health is important but yet the world expects us to push our bodies even if the body can’t keep up. Our need of productivity seems to be more important than the need of rest and recharging. A healthy body and mind is important if you want a successful life. Good health equals higher life satisfaction and better results.


Little girl getting her self-doubting mask. The mask will keep her safe and she’ll blend in even though what’s behind the mask is extraordinary.

Upgrade your environment

Upgrade your environment.
Surround yourself with people who want to see you win as much as they want to win, not with those who only see themselves at the top of the mountain. Unite with people who take action to make positive changes, who motivate and inspire you. Choose your circle wisely.


The battle is in the mind.
I will no longer identify myself with my thoughts. I will no longer let the negative thoughts control me or drain me. They are welcome as visitors, but I will not let them stay.


Isolation due to COVID-19 has consequences for women and children. The isolation has left many women facing increased risks of domestic violence. Due to closed schools, children are in a position where they have no safe environment or a reliable adult to turn to. It’s important to be more aware and reach out to those in need. We’re all in this together.


I’m not at home. I let fear control me and worry define me. I don’t know where my motivation disappeared, but I know that I’ll find it in this chaotic world. I’ll find what belongs to me and come back stronger than ever. 


 A great mentor sees the potential and strengths of people from where they currently are and helps them become the best version of themselves.

Strong girl

They want me to fit into the box, to think like everyone else, to not be loud or take up too much space. They say that my dreams are too big for a girl like me. A girl like me don’t need permission to pursue her dreams. Watch this girl make history.

Parents fighting

Damaged flower.
Parents often don’t pay attention to how they fight. Seeing parents fighting regularly affects children’s mental health, their emotional and social development and they’ll have difficulties in adjusting to school. We teach children ways of managing conflicts. If you’re not a parent, you’re a brother or a sister. There’s always someone looking up to you. We need to be more aware of the consequences of our actions and how we prepare children for the future.

Look within

Look within.
Change your surroundings and you’ll still feel like a house without furniture or like you’re hugging a tornado. Maybe you have your life on autopilot where people and events drag you through life. Or maybe you’re surrounded with so much beauty but you just can’t see it. It all begins with you. It’s not about being perfect, but about self-awareness and reaching your full potential. You’ll start to become aware of the outside world and the quality of everything you do will improve by investing in yourself.